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Kong Mortal Kombat (Scorpion) Hookah Bowl

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Tobacco heads from KONG

Kong Mortal Kombat (Scorpion) Hookah Bowl

The hookah bowl Kong Mortal Combat Scorpion is made with its own character and fiery burning look. Hanzo Hasashi with orange eyes that glow even more fiercely in the dark and wearing a golden mask.

It cost Kong a lot of effort, experiments and resources to improve several parameters for the production of the bowl at once. Development of the correct anatomical shape of the human face, creation of detailed facial expressions of the eyes, improvement of the technology of applying luminous pigment to this model, standardization of several stages of manual refinement of color elements. The bowl is made in several stages, and if you put all the processes together, then on average about three working days are spent on one. Everything in order for everyone to pick up Kong Mortal Combat Scorpion on which everything is thought out to the smallest detail and admire this creation.

Craftsmen create each cup manually. Thanks to this, the mask, facial expressions and a stern look are as detailed as possible.

Kong Mortal Combat Scorpion is a limited edition bowl that has been released in 2000 copies! Each bowl has its own individual number. Each cup is packed in a cool box, on which, on top, you will find combinations of fatalities for the character, as well as a cool themed sticker.

Properties of the product

Manufacturer: Kong Bowl
Country of origin: Russia
Consumption: 18 -25g
Suitable for: Setup with HMD


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