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AO HMD Sandblasted

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AO HMD Sandblasted

The biggest advantage of the AO Smokebox is the extended smoking time. With 2 to 2.5 coals a smoking time of up to 120 minutes can be achieved. The smokebox also acts as a windbreak. The head construction is uncomplicated and, above all, one saves fiddling with the aluminum foil. Simply put the smokebox on your head and fill in the coals. The long lever on the lid prevents you from burning your fingers.

Matching heads are, for example, the Saphire No. 5, Kaloud Samsaris for Lotus I and I +, Werkbund Evo, KS Fumnel.

Note:  The coal depot initially holds 2 to 2.5 coals. If the coals have burned down a little, 3 coals also fit into the smokebox.

Attention:  Please do not place the smokebox on the charcoal lighter / stove to preheat it, as the aluminum can melt at high temperatures.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Total height with lid: approx. 4 cm
  • Inner- container at the top: approx. 65 mm
  • bottom: approx. 7.4 cm (the tobacco head used should not have any other inner diameter!)
  • Outside of the ring on the floor to prevent slipping: approx. 74 mm
  • Inner of the ring on the floor to prevent slipping: approx. 68 mm



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