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WOODONIE Mid Zebrano Smoke

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Product information “WOODONIE Mid Zebrano Smoke”

The WOODONIE Shisha is a product ” Made in Germany “, in which the highest precision, passion and a lot of manual work have been invested. “Made in Germany” does not mean that only the components were assembled in Germany, but that the WOODONIE shisha was actually produced entirely in Germany except for the bowl. German workmanship comes into its own here. Taking our high-quality standards into account, we source our bowls from other European countries. All metallic components of the WOODONIE hookah are made of high-quality V2A / V4A stainless steel. In addition, the WOODONIE risesShisha in the premium class by using different types of precious wood. An essential feature of the WOODONIE hookah is that you can quickly replace the WOODONIE fine wood smoke column with another type of fine wood. With two hand movements, you get a hookah in a completely new design without having to buy a new hookah. In this way, the WOODONIE hookah can be individually designed. Since all WOODONIE shisha components are compatible with each other, you can put together any variant here. This way, the WOODONIE shisha never gets boring.

WOODONIE Sleeve System

The smoke column of the WOODONIE hookah is equipped with a sleeve system that allows you to replace the precious wood smoke column with another precious wood smoke column in just a few steps. So you have a hookah in a completely new design in a short time.

WOODONIE Crystal Glass Bowl

Our bowls are made of high-quality crystal glass (without the use of lead) and are handmade works of art from glass blowing. All work processes are hand-made by humans without the use of machines.

ZEBRANO precious wood

Zebrano is a tropical precious wood from Africa that is characterized by strength, hardness, and durability. Despite its stability, it remains flexible and elastic. The striking thing about this wood is its zebra look. It is a light wood that is evenly streaked with brown. This coloring also gave him the obvious name of zebrawood. Because of the advantageous properties of the material and the decorative look, this wood is used particularly in the field of luxurious interior design.

The light heartwood is interspersed with even, brown or dark brown wood veins. This creates a clear contrast to the heartwood and the characteristic zebra look. The stripes are only found in the heartwood.

In addition, like other tropical woods, Zebrano can easily ward off fungi, insects, and wood pests.

Technical information

The smoke column made of precious wood / real wood (processed with wood oil)
Metal parts made of V2A / V4A stainless steel
Height: approx. 55 cm
Width: approx. 18 cm
Weight: approx. 5 kg

Included in delivery

  • WOODONIE column of smoke (fine wood)
  • WOODONIE stainless steel base
  • WOODONIE Crystal Glass Bowl
  • WOODONIE stainless steel smoke and immersion pipe
  • WOODONIE hose adapter
  • WOODONIE plate
  • WOODONIE connection adapter (various)
Weight 5 kg


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