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Werkbund Hookah Cone Shisha

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Werkbund Hookah Cone Shisha

The Werkbund Shisha from the “Werkbund Handcraft Hookah Manufacture” is a very special water pipe. The Werkbund Shisha is just the thing for lovers of traditional hookahs. All Werkbund hookahs are unique, as each one is made by hand and with a lot of love in Russia. That means every shisha is unique.

The bowl or the base of the shisha is made of baked clay and was made with traditional pottery, but the most advanced materials and techniques were used. The inside of the bowl was glazed so that the clay does not absorb water. The advantages here are, among other things, that the shisha has a thermal effect with this technology. This means that cold water stays cold longer or warm water stays warm longer in contrast to glass bowls. Our ancestors used this technique to keep milk or other drinks always cool and fresh.

The smoke column is inserted into the bowl with a plug-in system and consists entirely of stainless steel inside. This stainless steel tube is coated with real coated wood. This gives the whole thing a very classy but also old-fashioned design. Of course, the wood is well coated so that water does not attack or swell the wood.

Another special feature of the shisha is that when you blow through the shisha, the head is also cooled by the air. This means that when heads with full contact are used, you can let the head cool down a bit if it has received too much heat. The perfectly calculated resistance ensures a very pleasant blowing through, which cools the head perfectly. This property is very special in order to tickle the perfect taste out of every head and head.

The wooden washer has a triple coating, is permanently installed and contains a lot of information about each individual hookah. Since all hookahs are handmade, each bowl is different. This means that there is a different amount of water / filling amount in each bowl. Exactly this filling quantity is written on the washer of every hookah so that everyone knows exactly how much water belongs in the bowl. Other information such as type of wood, serial number and manufacturer are also immortalized on the washer.

The charcoal plate is also made of clay and fits perfectly with the rest of the shisha in terms of design. The Werkbund Shisha also comes with a lot of accessories. In addition to the blow-out valve made of real wood, the scope of delivery also includes a Werkbund tape head, a silicone hose, a wooden end piece and a wooden mouthpiece. Of course, stainless steel was also used inside the mouthpiece. The silicone hose was completely encased in a stainless steel spiral so that it does not kink.

Included of delivery

  • Werkbund Hookah Shisha
  • Bowl made of clay
  • Charcoal plate made of clay
  • Smoke column made of wood (inside stainless steel)
  • Check valve made of wood
  • Hose connection made of wood
  • Werkbund Hookah Tonkopf Spot 2.0
  • Werkbund wooden mouthpiece (stainless steel tube inside)
  • Werkbund silicone hose with steel spiral
  • 1 x head gasket
  • 1 x valve ball

Technical specifications

  • Total height: approx. 55cm
  • Material: stainless steel, coated real wood, pottery clay
  • Made in Russia


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