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Gorgona Pan hookah

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Gorgona Pan hookah

Gorgona “Pan” hookah has a light traction, a pleasant and memorable appearance, light weight, interesting light purge, reliable construction and high quality. Designed for work in hookah institutions and personal use.
The hookah purge valve does not have balls familiar to everyone, so the hookah has a quiet, interesting purge and there is no possibility of losing balls when cleaning.
The combination of lightweight purge of large diameter and shaft height eliminates the rise in the liquid level above the critical level and the hookah.
The design of the base eliminates the appearance and leakage of condensate even with strong blowing.All materials of which the hookah is made are durable, not susceptible to rust and rot, designed for a long service life, as well as environmentally friendly.
When purging on a hookah, the base cover is lifted and smoke emerges through the gap formed under the cover and the central hole, simulating the release of steam in a boiling saucepan.
The set of hookah “Pan” includes: mine, saucer, mouthpiece, hose, seal for the bowl, seal for the flask, packaging.

What is Made of:

  • The hookah is made of stainless steel and POM-C.
  • The height of the hookah in assembled form is 477 mm.
  • The shaft is solid, not collapsible, made of stainless steel with an inner diameter of 14 mm.
  • The length of the submersible pipe section is 190 mm.
  • On the submersible pipe section, grooves are made in the lower part to control the liquid level and openings to facilitate traction.
  • The upper section of the mine has a profile complementing the design, as well as serving the best heat transfer undercut.
  • Connecting thread size at the M16X1 mine.
  • The base and base cover are made of polyacetal (POM-C) with laser engraving.
  • The hose connector is attached on rubber seals (o-rings 11×2).
  • A mouthpiece made of stainless steel with a length of 320-330 mm with elegant engraving.
  • The saucer is possible in two versions: 1) thickness 1 mm, diameter 285 mm, without additional bends
  • thickness 1 mm, diameter 290 mm, with additional bends.
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