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Geometry Mini Bro Epox Grey Brown

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Geometry Mini Bro

So you are all familiar with the Geometry Little Bro Hookah…..There is another bro you need meet…  The Geometry Mini Bro Hookah.

The Geometry Mini Bro Hookah is made in Russia and built with high quality Stainless Steel giving it a solid build and making it built to last.  The intelligent design makes this easy to maintain, and keep clean. It also a great Hookah for travelling as you can easily take it apart, and take it to your friends or on holiday with you.

The Hookah comes as a complete set including Hookah Stem, Tray, Base, Mouthpiece, Diffuser, Silicone Hose and Grommets.

This Hookah has a unique design as you will see from the pictures and definitely stands out!

The hose port connector consists of 2 O rings which simply and securely fits onto the hose port on the chamber.  No need to fiddle around or worry it will pop out.

This Hookah has an amazing unique Downward purge system where the smoke comes out below the tray from the circular Stainless Steel cap in a downward motion.  This means when you purge (blow into the mouthpiece to clear the smoke from the base).  The purge performance is exceptional as it will clear your base in one purge.

This Hookah comes with built on diffuser on the downstem.

There is also a spare set of 2 hose port O rings and 3 purge balls that come with hookah. Keep them safe in case you need to use them in the future.

The height of this hookah from the bottom of the base to the top of the bowl port is 39cm, making it ideal for a travel hookah.


The Geometry Mini Bro Hookah comes as a Full Set Complete With:-

    • Stainless Steel Stem
    • Stainless Steel Tray
    • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
    • Hose Port & Purge Port Pipe Fittings
    • Soft Touch Silicone Hose & Hose Port Connector
    • Built on Diffuser
    • Bowl & Base Grommets
    • Spare Set of 2 Hose Port O Rings and 3 Purge Balls
    • Mini Base Design Clear

Comes complete with plug-in Clear Vase

Weight 0,5 kg


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