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Hardly any other import item from the Orient has become as popular as the shisha. After all prejudices were removed, this special hookah set a new trend. The tradition of hookah smoking was originally established in Indian culture. It made it possible to enjoy flavored tobacco in a very special way. The first ideas of the water pipe were realized with the simplest of means, for example a coconut as a water container.

Due to the lively trade between the Middle East and the Far East, the shisha also came into circulation. The Arab culture in particular was interested in the water pipe, with which smoke could be cooled down safely without distorting the taste. Historians suspect that imports into the nearby Orient later also spurred trade with Europe, causing the hookah to become more and more popular. The cozy get-together, to chat and to enjoy your tobacco from the shisha, has become a cult then and now, for many it has even become a tradition. The smoking devices then began their triumphal march a few years ago, and more and more people in Germany are committed to being a shisha fan.

Fortunately, the water no longer has to be stored in a coconut today. The modernizations have made the shisha a functional decorative element. The shape of the smoking device as we know it today probably originated in the 16th century by the Egyptians. However, it was only able to reach Europe after Arabia had decided to trade worldwide. The cultural interest increased and the shisha came to Central Europe.

The basic concept of the hookah has been retained, but the manufacturers have always come up with new innovations to make the shisha more modern. The tobacco variety in particular has increased enormously, variety is key. Extensive accessories and bags for storage complete the offer. Everything to make the pleasure experience perfect, because more and more people appreciate the advantages of the water pipe and the right tobacco.

Our shisha shop for you

We have diversified our assortment and try to present you a complete product range. With us you will find shisha tobacco in different flavors, burners, seals, aluminum foil, mouthpieces, hoses, pliers etc. We also offer you some exclusive water pipes that you will not find anywhere else. We have checked all models for their functionality so that you can experience perfect tobacco enjoyment.

If you have never tried a hookah but we have brought you to the taste, you will also find numerous instructions for smoking shisha, how to mix tobacco types in our shop, as well as many tips and tricks that most Germans are not familiar with to improve the taste experience.